Watershed Stories

Connecting When We Can’t be Together

Lately, physical distancing has become part of our everyday. We appreciate that this time is a hard for everyone in our watershed and, on a personal note, we truly  miss our events and the chance to connect with you all. … continue reading →

Earth Day 2020

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and we, like many other organizations, had an event planned to celebrate this milestone. Social distancing means that all these events have been cancelled or postponed (we are dedicated to holding … continue reading →

Why We Taught YouTube Influencers to Plant Trees

Sarah Dyrdahl, MFWWC Executive Director, was deemed a "Tree Planting Expert" by MrBeast

This month we did a super fun, outside-the-box planting event with a couple of YouTube celebrities, and now the epic-ness of that effort is unfolding before our … continue reading →

Partnerships and the Next 20 Years

Artist’s depiction of a verbal presentation at the biannual Within Our Reach gathering 2018. Photo Credit: 2018 Fred Joe / www.fredjoephoto.comMembers of the Willamette River Advisory Group showcase objects important to them at one of their planning meetings in 2018.Staff… continue reading →

The Outdoor School Experience

Erika Coyer is the Youth Education Coordinator at the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council. As part of this role she helps coordinate the annual Outdoor School in Oakridge, Oregon as well as facilitating the Watershed Ranger and Stewards programs.

As … continue reading →

Living and Breathing Restoration

Audrey Squires is the Restoration Project Manager at Middle Fork Willamette Willamette Watershed Council. She joined the council in September 2016. Audrey holds a Masters degree in Water Resources and brings enormous passion to her work as an avid outdoor … continue reading →

Native Foods Nursery

Native Foods Nursery is an Oregon mail-order nursery located in Dexter, OR that focuses on carrying select native, edible plants of Western North America. Their resilient perennials have been carefully chosen for greatest edibility and landscape beauty, as well as … continue reading →