Little Fall Creek Restoration


Target Habitat

Instream habitat, side channels 



Project Size

6 stream miles


Weyerhaeuser (landowner, technical assistance); US Forest Service (landowner, technical assistance); Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (technical assistance)



Little Fall Creek is an undammed tributary to the Middle Fork Willamette River. Because of its location below the large dams on the river, it provides unobstructed habitat for migratory fish species like spring Chinook, winter steelhead, and cutthroat trout which has made it a high priority for restoration work in the Middle Fork for much of the past decade. We partnered with Weyerhaeuser Company, the US Forest Service, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to restore the complexity of the stream channel so that it would provide diverse habitat for fish, amphibians and macroinvertebrates. The work included reconnecting historic side channels and placing large wood and boulders in the stream. We continue to monitor the effectiveness of this project.

Project partners from ODFW and Weyerhaeuser tour one of the boulder complexes that was constructed in Little Fall Creek to create pools
A narrow, fast-moving section of Little Fall Creek
A boulder weir was placed in this section of Little Fall Creek; it has successfully slowed down the section of water above it, diversifying the habitat
MFWWC volunteers help fix water level monitoring equipment in Little Fall Creek