Board of Directors

The Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council Board of Directors is composed of local stakeholders who represent the diverse interests of the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed. Each of them lives, works and/or plays in the basin. (Board members pictured above, from left to right: Austin Larson, Don Bennett, John DeLuca, Greg Barrowcliff, Chandra LeGue, Jesse Jones, Nathan Keffer, Jeremy Light, Justin Overdevest, Barb Hazen.)


Jeff Malik, PresidentMember-at-Large
Chandra LeGue, Vice President
Environmental Representative
Barb Hazen, SecretaryOutdoor Recreation Representative
Jesse Jones, TreasurerMember-at-Large
Chantal WikstromMember-at-Large
Don BennettMember-at-Large
Jeremy LightMember-at-Large
Justin OverdevestMember-at-Large
Kim ForrestMember-at-Large
Melanie GriffinMember-at-Large
Austin Larson Timber Representative
Molly JuilleratAdviser, Middle Fork Ranger District
Sharmila Jepsen

Adviser, Bureau of Land Management