Discover Your Watershed

Discover Your Watershed education programs bring together elements of exploration, recreation, volunteering and education to help residents and visitors of the Middle Fork Watershed experience and connect with the forests, prairies, mountains and rivers in our area. These programs and activities are designed to increase local knowledge about our restoration efforts, habitat, wildlife and water quality while fostering a sense of stewardship and wonder for the natural beauty (and bounty) of our amazing watershed. From forest and restoration tours to rafting adventures and volunteer stewardship opportunities, there are all sorts of amazing ways to “Discover Your Watershed.” Check our Watershed Events Calendar for upcoming events!

Tours and Forays

Join one of our restoration tours or mushroom or wildflower forays to learn more about habitat restoration and the plants and animals of our region.

Fall mushroom foray
A withering trillium on a late spring wildflower tour
A pre-project tour at Staley Creek Floodplain Restoration site
Touring a private timber harvest property to learn about natural resource management

Middle Fork Science Pubs

Raise a toast to the Middle Fork watershed at one of our local Science Pub presentations. Learn about all sorts of topics, such as forest fires, fluvial geomorphology, salmon migration and plants and animals specific to our region! Our Science Pubs rotate around the watershed – if you are interested in having us provide a Middle Fork Science Pub at your establishment, please contact our outreach coordinator by email at or call our office at 458-215-8200.

Our spring Dorris Ranch Science Pub highlighted Willamette Basin ecology and showcased our oak and prairie restoration sites in the area with walking tours led by local experts.
A fall science pub at the Brewers Union Local 180 in Oakridge featured a presentation and short movie about the little known population of Townsend's big-eared bats at the Buckhead Wildlife Refuge.

Recreation & Stewardship

Nothing quite beats the enjoyment of hiking in the beautiful old growth forests of the Middle Fork or basking in the warm sunshine and cool waters while floating the river… then savoring the satisfaction of giving back through native plantings, invasive removal projects, plant surveys and citizen science bird counts!

Volunteers rafting into the heart of Elijah Bristow State Park for a day of weed pulling
Citizen Science Great Backyard Bird Count with Lane Audubon Society at Elijah Bristow State Park
Fish salvage project on Staley Creek with US Forest Service, Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife and local volunteers
All ages came together at our Community Planting Celebration and Potluck at the Lost Creek confluence.

Special Events

The Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council participates in special events from time to time as a community partner, celebrating the human connection to nature. If you are interested in working with us to bring elements of our “Discover Your Watershed” programs to your events, please contact our outreach coordinator by email or call our office at 458-215-8200.

Our interactive steam table is always a hit at Play in the Rain Day, held in the fall at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum.
Partnering with the Southern Willamette Forest Collaborative, MFWWC helps prepare trees to pass out during the annual Oakridge-Westfir Tree Planting Festival Parade.