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The Middle Fork watershed is the perfect recreation destination. Join the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council at one of our Discover Your Watershed events or visit our recreation page to learn more about resources available for planning your next adventure.

Please fill out our inquiry form if you would like a response from one of our staff members regarding project ideas on private land, volunteer questions, or questions regarding our work or the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed. 

Get your feet wet! Come join us out in the field – we host a variety of restoration and stewardship projects that include planting, removing invasive weeds, surveys and even rescuing fish. Want to contribute to the future of our watershed? You might enjoy working with students to collect macroinvertebrates or test water quality. You can also help out in the office or serve as an ambassador at one of our events. Fill out a volunteer profile by visiting our volunteer page so we can keep you up to date with opportunities that best fit your interests.


As a grassroots organization our council relies on generous contributions from the folks we serve. Whether it’s a one-time gift or a regular monthly pledge, your donations allow us to continue to make the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed a better place. We also accept in-kind contributions of goods and services. Find out more about ways to give on our donation page.

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Our Watershed Stories blog highlights what makes our watershed so special, the people who live, work and recreate here. Every month we will highlight a new story from one of our community members.  These blog posts will tell the story of our watershed through a personal lens and highlight how we all use the land (and water) we love.  

If you would like to share your watershed story we invite you to contact us to submit your narratives, videos or photographs. All published works will be credited to the original author/artist and be promoted through our Watershed News e-newsletter and social media channels. We encourage you to include hyperlinks to further resources within your submissions so that our readers can learn more about your subject matter.