We have a big, bold plan to improve habitat for fish, wildlife, climate, and flood resilience…but we have an $80,000 funding gap to fill. The short story: A transformative project for fish, wildlife, people and water is within reach but we need your help. 

In 2018 we received a technical assistance grant from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and additional funding from Meyer Memorial Trust to begin exploring floodplain restoration possibilities in Elijah Bristow State Park. This work will help restore our river and provide improved habitat for for fish and wildlife, dampen flood events, raise the water table, and increase the resiliency of our park. These grants allowed us to begin work with a technical team from a variety of agencies and an engineering design firm to develop plans for the project. We need you to help make it a reality. 

Your donation will not only help fund this restoration work, but it will also allow us to engage with the public and ensure that we are welcoming all users to the table in this planning discussion. Elijah Bristow State Park is a recreational gem, located just 20 minutes from the heart of Eugene it boasts fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian opportunities. Donate today and help us make an inclusive, welcoming planning environment for all the people who love this park like we do!