Madrone Meadows

Madrone Meadow Upland Habitat Restoration


Private land near Fall Creek, OR

Target Habitat

Oak woodland and prairie


2017 – 19        

Project Size

7 acres (4 acres woodland, 3 acres prairie)


Tanya and Jim (landowners); US Fish & Wildlife Service (technical assistance and Partners Program); Walama Restoration (invasive species removal)



Oak woodlands, savannas and upland prairie habitats are rapidly disappearing in the Willamette Valley – less than five percent of oak woodland and less than one percent of prairie habitats remain. They contain some of the highest diversity of plants and are of great value to wildlife. This 55-acre property located near Fall Creek has remnants of oak woodland and savanna habitat as well as wet and upland prairies, but, much like Dorris Ranch and Thurston Hills, these habitats are being threatened by Douglas fir, non-native trees, and invasive weeds. Tanya and Jim have lived on this land for 25 years and have dedicated a significant amount of their time and money to restore their property. We are excited to be able to help them restore their land through a grant from Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. Tanya and Jim also recently enrolled their property in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program which will provide technical assistance and access to restoration tools for years to come. We really love working with Tanya because of her enthusiasm for native plants and her dedication to restoring her property to the best habitat condition possible!


Pre-project conditions - thick blackberry in the understory
Pre-Project Conditions - thick blackberry in the understory
Post Project Conditions - understory cleared and the oaks have room to grow. Photo by Tanya Harvey
Camas field in bloom - Photo by Tanya Harvey
Trillium albidum
Trillium Albidum - Photo by Tanya Harvey
Tanya's property is covered in native wildflowers in the spring
Frosty Oregon Grape