Education Partners and Programs

We are grateful for the many opportunities in our community to teach kids about watershed health. Here is a list of the partners we work closely with to bring unique, hands-on, and place-based learning experiences to students throughout Lane County. 

ODFW, Eggs to Fry (k-7th grade):

The Eggs to Fry Program lets students watch the salmon life cycle unfold right before their very eyes! Participating classrooms receive 100 salmon eggs provided by ODFW and get to watch as the little critters hatch and grow into wiggly fishy friends. Students get to release their salmon into the wild once they have fully grown into “Fry”, hoping that in several years they will again see their, now adult, salmon return to their home streams to finally complete their life cycles.

Forests Today and Forever (6-8 grade):

Forests Today and Forever offers a variety of programs for diverse audiences to promote awareness about forest management, and to support understanding of Oregon’s forests. We provide support and instruction around the relationship to land management and our waterways. Students are often on a working tree farm and receive lessons on forest management and water quality as well as learning from other industry professionals.

Grove Outdoor School (5-6 grade):

Students attending outdoor school gives students a chance to experience the classroom from beneath the trees. Participating in lessons centered around wildlife, plant identification, and stream ecology, students spend anywhere from several hours to several days immersed in hands-on learning experiences.

Water Energy Learning Lab (WELL) (7-12 grade):

The WELL (Water and Energy Learning Lab) Project is a science grant operated by the Springfield School District since 1998 and funded annually by the Springfield Utility Board. The program focuses on enhancing science education within the school district, and offers students opportunities to conduct field research and monitoring in local watersheds. The middle school program couples hands-on environmental science and restoration, which includes lessons provided by the MFWWC and our partners. The high school teams are split into two programs: The “Stream Team” and the “Water Quality Team”. Working closely with the stream monitoring teams, they go around to different water bodies and collect data on various physical aspects of the stream and then report that data to different agencies. The water quality team tests the water quality at different sites to be used by the Eugene Water and Electric Board and Springfield Utility Board.

Lane County Salmon Watch (4-12 grade):

The Salmon Watch (led and coordinated by the MFWWC) program is a series of field trips designed to get students into the outdoors and witness the one-of-a-kind spawning habits of salmon while getting an intimate look at the habitats that provide a stable environment for these behaviors. Students receive lessons in salmon biology, water quality, riparian habitats, and aquatic macroinvertebrates–even carcass observation on lucky occasions! A passionate group of staff members and volunteers have been offering their own personal touch to each lesson, making each field trip a unique and vivacious educational experience for every class. 

Watershed Action Team for Education, Restoration, and Stewardship (WATERS) (7-12 grade):

The WATERS Program (led and coordinated by the MFWWC)  centers outdoor education around professional development opportunities. Students receive lessons anywhere from plant identification to marine biology–all catered to the interests and needs of the students. Industry professionals are brought out to give advice and mentorship to students who may be interested in the Natural Resources Career track as well as lead lessons built around restoration and stewardship. This program is currently operating with McKenzie High School, Coburg Charter, and schools in the South Lane School District. 

Below is a list of all the partners that help make all our programs possible. We appreciate their support and couldn’t do this without them!!