2024 will bring new opportunities for the riparian habitat at the confluence of the North Fork and Middle Fork Willamette Rivers in Westfir, locally referred to as Turtle Island Park. Now that the dense thickets of blackberry, Japanese knotweed, and Scotch broom have been removed, the native seed bank has space to emerge and regrow. But these native plants are going to need the help of a caring community if they are going to out-compete the stubborn and hardy invasive species. The Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council and the City of Westfir will be hosting several community stewardship opportunities at Turtle Island Park beginning in March. From planting native shrubs, removing invasive re-sprouts, or learning to identify the plants and organisms on site, there are lots of ways we can help this ecosystem thrive.

Keep an eye out for events in Westfir, coming soon!