Gorrie Creek Riparian Restoration


SUB Well Fields, Springfield, OR

Target Habitat

Riparian habitat


2017 – 19

Project Size

1.2 acres 


 Springfield Utility Board (landowner)



In fall 2017 we began working with SUB to restore riparian habitat along Gorrie Creek in Springfield. Gorrie Creek is important to our community because it recharges SUB’s wellfield, which provides drinking water to the residents of Springfield. 

Our restoration contractors from R. Franco Restoration began by removing invasive vegetation like reed canary grass and Himalayan blackberries then in winter 2018 replanted the area with 3000 native riparian plants. Native plants will eventually provide more shade than invasive plants, reducing water temperatures and improving water quality. Native plants also have deeper and more complex root systems which create more pathways for water to percolate through the soil and recharge the groundwater. We will continue working with SUB to maintain the area for three years until the plants reach a “free-to-grow” state. Thanks, SUB, for caring about the water we drink!