Spring education campaign

As part of our Watershed Education Program, the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council provides outdoor education that wouldn’t otherwise be provided to our students. This Spring we are launching a fundraising campaign to help fund this program and to ensure that this quality programming will stay in our schools throughout the 2018 school year.

help us reach our goal of $10,000!


your donation today will bring quality lessons into the classroom and kids into the field

Your support now will:

  • Help fund the 2018 Eggs-to-Fry program, which is currently not funded for the 2018 school year
  • Continue to bring quality lessons into the classroom that support current curriculum and nurtures the student science experience
  • Provide programs that integrate art, science, and literature in the classroom
  • Allow us to coordinate field trips and help get kids outside
  • Create programs that help to build career pathways in our communities 

Experience a day in the life of our students as they experience a field trip run by the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Program. Join our students as they release the fry they raised in their classrooms thanks to the Eggs-to-Fry program.